New Automatic Theft Detection System

Integrated in the ParadigmIOT

Our objectives


Theft reduction by 60%


Increased efficiency of dissuasive actions.


Carrier safety.

Technical development


Manufacture of tarpaulin for trucks, to suit the client with the anti-theft wiring

Desarrollo del software en la nube y aplicaciones.

“A new automatic detection system for truck awning cuts
capable of launching alarms and warnings automatically in real time,
geolocated, and with the ability to grant different levels of
configuration and permissions to devices and users. “

System Communication


Configurable periodic communication of the device with the server.


Electric cut / open detection in the awning.


Activation of deterrent alarm in case of detection.


Sending data (location, battery status, corresponding alarms, etc.)


Server response to device, with possible changes in program parameters and firmware updates.



Configure your space on the platform and device, to personalize different notices, alert times and people involved with contact telephone numbers.


Organize your users hierarchically for the safety of your goods.


Easy installation, with automatic initial configuration, and email validation.


Access by mobile and web applications. Being able to have control at any time and anywhere.


Possibility of installing different sensors on the trailer: Tarpaulins, Doors, TIR cable, etc.

Stop Theft
in your truck

Your Truck always guarded while you rest, eat or sleep. If your truck is attacked, you receive an alarm wherever you are.

Rest easy.



  • Free configuration / creation of devices and users
  • Scalable according to customer needs.
  • Api for integrations with other platforms.

Anti-theft device

  • Notices for cutting / opening of awnings.
  • Notices for loss of device tracking.
  • Deterrent alarm built into the device.


  • Responsive Web Application.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Electronic device in trailers according to the iOT paradigm.


  • Server dedicated to the platform.
  • Communication with applications and server by 2G, Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Location by GPS and Wifi.


  • Saving daily backups.
  • Historical saving of changes in the configuration of devices and users.
  • Generation of incident reports by dates and users.


  • Real-time display of
  • Communication with carrier / person in charge.
  • Remote device update.

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