Protection Nets for all types of Vehicles or Jobs.

We have the solution you need.

Nets for Dump Trucks and Trailers

Compactor Nets, Micromesh Woven Grip Nets, Woven Micro Mesh Net, Micro Mesh Coated Grip Nets and Bucket Mesh Nets.

Nets for Waste Treatment

Anti-bird nets, anti-theft nets, windbreak or dust protection nets.

Protection Nets


Why a Net?

  • As for Transportation, since the beginning of the 90s, the law obliges to cover all transport of goods.

When there is no need for waterproofing, this covering is made by a mesh or a woven micro mesh cube net.

  • With reference to Waste, the networks help keep work clean of waste, dust, waste, …
  • In the field of Construction in Industry, Fall Protection Nets are very necessary.

These nets comply with the EN1263-1 standard for anti-human fall solutions. To avoid falling objects when working at height, you can use a building safety net.



We comply with regulations


We protect our Workers.


You keep your work site clean of waste.


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Easy to Install.

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