Technical Canvases

Truck Tarps

Tarps, Semilonas, Frigolonas, Roofs or Special Tarps for your Truck.

Agriculture Tarps

To protect machinery, crops, silos, greenhouses, …

Rail Tarps

Rail transportation needs to be covered by Heavy Duty Tarpaulins.

Why choose us?

Our tarps last longer, suffer fewer tears, and also give your truck a clean look.

The key to our work is in:

  1. Reinforce all the sensitive points, without sparing the time and cost that it entails.
  2. Welding with a suitable technology: “high frequency welding”.
  3. Use only high quality materials 900gr / m2
  4. We provide a Comprehensive Service (from key collection to delivery).
  5. We make XL type Awnings

Transverse reinforcements with tension tapes.


High Frequency Welding.


Double PVC reinforcement tape for upper wheels and tensioners.


Remaches de tipo TUCKER, con una resistencia de 900 kgs. por remache.


Stretch profile with synthetic macaron.


Front double layer.


Front double layer.


We make the side canvases according to the Regulations XL UNE-EN 12641-2

Custom Canvases

In addition to the Manufacture and Assembly of Canvases, Semilonas, Frigolonas, Ceilings, … we have a labeling service through which you can include a personalized design on your canvases.




The Best Advertising for your Company

Digital Inkjet

The ink-jet can be applied on any of our products:

  • tarps
  • half canvases
  • burglar
  • rail tarp
  • covers for fridge

This method offers us great possibilities when designing.


Digital printing


Double coat of Varnish


Special component that allows us to recover the design from stains or graffiti


After printing, the canvas maintains the same properties and characteristics according to weight and density.


5 year warranty.

The ceiling Usafe Anti-Russianism

It makes it impossible for stowaways to enter through the Roof

Technology developed and patented by

Lonas Técnicas Navarra


The Best Quality for your Business

Sector Professionals

The best guarantee


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